Meet Proverbs Panda

Proverbs Panda

Proverbs is a panda bear, who lives in a place called Knowledge Forest. Now, Knowledge Forest is a very special area of town. They have a big beautiful white church in the meadow and a library on the hill with all the books of the world in it.

When Proverbs was a baby panda, he loved to hear his mother read from the family bible. He especially liked the section called “Proverbs”, because it was written by one of the wisest kings who ever lived named Solomon. And Solomon’s wisdom came from God.

By the time Proverbs was five years old, he knew the whole bible by heart. But his favorite section was still Proverbs. And he used his knowledge along with long hours of prayer to help others. Word of Proverb’s knowledge and kindness quickly spread throughout the town.

Soon, the people of his town began to come out to Knowledge Forest every day to hear him speak. They love to gather at the circle of rocks with the campfire roaring in the middle, for his night time talks.  And in the summertime, they will sit by the cool stream with their toes dangling in the water’s edge.  But it is the warmth and love echoing in Proverbs’ voice, as he shares God’s wise words, the people come to hear.

Proverbs 2:6  “For the Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth comes knowledge and understanding.”




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