Proverbs Panda and The Importance of You!

The air had become colder and no leaves could be found on the trees. Proverbs built a roaring fire and had hot chocolate with vanilla cookies, waiting for his visitors. Jack and Sally had begun to visit Proverbs on Saturdays, after they finished their chores. Mom would drop them off on the way to the grocery store.

This Saturday, the three were sitting around the fire singing silly songs. The rule was you had to make up a song about your favorite things. Jack had just finished his song about skipping rocks across the pond and falling into the pond when he tried to throw the rock too hard. They were laughing when David, a friend of Jack and Sally, from school showed up.

Proverbs knew David, because he would come to visit when his mom went to the library in Knowledge Forest.

“Mom, at the library?” Proverbs asked David.

“Yes,” he answered.

“Come on over and sit with us,” Jack was waving his arms.

Once again, they all settled around the fire and each had a big cup of hot chocolate.

Sally told David, “We are all singing silly songs about our favorite things, you can be next.”

David shook his head no and sadly gazed into the fire.

Proverbs got up and went over to sit next to David. He put his big furry arm around him and asked, “What is wrong David?”

“I have to be a cow!” David answered.

Proverbs was a little confused. “Why, you are a boy.” he said.

Sally was trying not to giggle. “I am sorry David, but I am not laughing at you.” she turned to Proverbs “I am laughing at you!”

“Silly Proverbs, yes David is a boy, but in the Christmas play at school, he is a cow in the manger scene.” Sally said.

Proverbs chuckled at himself and said, “I see.”

“What is wrong with being a cow?” Jack asked.

“Sally is one of the stars in the sky and I am the Innkeeper,” said Jack.

Jack continued, ” I will trade with you, if I you want to.”


Do you think that David should trade with Jack? What is wrong with being a cow?


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