Cyber Monday?

Let us change this silly adult day and make it into something fun!

How about…

1.  CanCan Monday – Hop around on one leg and kick it out in front of you doing the CanCan dance.  Or say the words “I Can!”, “I Can!” all day to everything your parents ask you to do.

2.  Christmas Tree Monday – Walk around the house singing this song.  “I am a little Christmas Tree, tall and strong.  Here are my branches and they grow really long.  When you light me, you will hear my song…Christmas day, Christmas day, I wish it was all year-long!.  (Used the song, I am a Little Tea Pot.)

3.  Can You See Me Now Monday – Draw a mask to hold in front of your face.  Be sure to have mom or dad cut the eye holes out, so that you can see where you are going.  Walk up to everyone and put the mask in front of your face and ask them “Can you see me now?”.  If they say yes, then you need to go draw another mask and try again.  Keep drawing different masks until they say “No, they can not see you”.

Have Fun!



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