Sam, The Great Detective Elf!

Another summer had come and gone at the North Pole and everyone was busy working toward countdown.  December 1, was known as countdown, because that was the day everyone started counting until December 24.  Those twenty-four days were full of the checking, double checking, counting and loading Santa’s magic bags!

Toys, games, computers or anything else they were making for Santa to take to the children, had to be counted and matched to Santa’s big list.  Santa and his elves worked very hard to remember everyone in the world.  And each year this task was becoming harder and harder.

Sam was the head elf for toy checking and loading Santa’s magic bags.  One day, around the fifteenth of December, a frantic elf named Samantha come running up to Sam.  She knocked over Sam’s big board, where he wrote reminder notes, and fell right at his green elf feet!  Sam smiled at his youngest elf and helped to pick her up.

“Sam, Sam, Sam!” Samantha kept saying, “On, no!”

He was very calm as put his arm around her and said, “Now, now, slow down and tell me what is wrong”.

Samantha hung her head and a tear ran down her cheek as she said, “I have lost a red sled and we don’t have time to make anymore”.

“You lost it?” Sam asked.

Samantha, who was responsible for packing Santa’s magic bags and placing a green “Go” light on each one, never lost anything! She was always helping Mrs. Claus find things, like Santa’s warmest, wooly socks.  And when ever an elf lost his pointy hat, Samantha knew where to look.

“Yes, I had all of the sleds that were going to the Smokey Mountains in North Carolina, in the “Go“ room.”  She continued, “Then my last cup of hot chocolate hit me.”

Sam nodded and Samantha went on telling him that she had to go to the bathroom. So, she locked the door to the “Go” room and left.  When she returned, she decided to do one more count and that is when she found out she was missing one red sled.

“Come on.” Sam said. “We will go back together and count one more time.”

“Ok.” Samantha’s voice trembled.

Sam smiled at Samantha and said, “It will be all right.”

On the way to the “Go” room, they decided they would do everything Samantha did up to the time she discovered a sled was missing.  Sam and Samantha even checked with the North Pole locksmith to see if someone else might have a key to the “Go” room.  The elves were sad to find out they were the only two elves with keys.

Who would have gone to the “Go” room and removed the sled? Sam was in the main traffic room and Samantha was in the bathroom. Sam decided to call the “No Go” room to see if they got the sled.  Maybe Samantha thought she locked the door, and they found it open. Sometimes, the “No Go” room would get a report from a toy making room about a toy which needed to be fixed.  Perhaps someone realized a sled was missing a part or some paint and they tracked it down to the “Go” room.  That had to be the answer!

Only, the answer from the “No Go” room was no.  Sam quickly called all of the head elves to check if someone knew about the sled.  Once again, the answer was no.

As they stood before the “Go” room door, Sam smiled at Samantha and said, “Maybe you missed it when you were counting.”

“Before, I came to you, I counted and recounted and recounted.” Samantha sadly said back to Sam.


 In Part 2, we will find out what happened after Sam and Samantha went into the “Go” room.  Stay tuned!


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