Sam, The Great Detective Elf, Part Two!

The “Go” room was a very special room at Santa’s North Pole workshop.  The walls were actually touchable computers which connected to every area of the world!  Samantha and Santa could double check the toys and where they were going instantly.

On Christmas Eve, the room magically changed.  The roof will lift off and the walls will slide down into the floors, and up will raise Santa’s sleigh filled with magic bags!  Then the reindeer will back into place in front of the sleigh while the elves double check their harnesses.  Once the countdown begins, Santa, the sleigh, the reindeer, and few helpful elves will rise into the night sky.

Sam and Samantha entered the “Go” room and went around pressing each computer, checking and double checking the toy count.  They were hoping for a simple counting error, no such luck.  The count was right and they were missing one red sled bound for the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina.

Sam stood there, thinking and thinking.  Then his face lit up and he said to Samantha, “You know we made extras of the new detective kits for the elves to play with after Christmas.”

“Snooper Always Gets His Man Detective Kit!” Samantha pulled her phone out of her pocket. “Max, please come to the “Go” room and bring me one of the elves’ Snooper Detective Kit.”

Max arrived in minutes with the Snooper kit under his arm.  It was a large kit made for a family to enjoy.  Max decided to stay and help them look for the lost sled.  Three elf brains are better than two, and anyway he wanted to be one of the first ones to play with the kit.

First they removed the three magnifying glasses, each taking one.  Sam suggested they all put on the gloves in the kit, so new fingerprints would not cover up the ones in the room.  And last, was the fingerprint kit itself.  With everyone at the North Pole, having their fingerprints on file since birth, it would be easy to tell if someone had been in the room.  Except, they only found Sam and Samantha’s fingerprints in the room.

Samantha, who had the largest magnifying glass, shouted in a squeaky voice, “Look!” she was pointing to the far, front corner, “Water on the floor.”

The three elves went over to investigate the water.  Sam decided the only way for the water to be there was from melted snow.  There were no water or plumbing pipes of any kind near the “Go” room.  The only water would be from the snow outside of the wall. So, someone had to let the wall down, but the wall can only go down on Christmas Eve.

Samantha, Sam, and Max left the “Go” room and put on their heavy coats, gloves, and winter boots.

“Come on.” Sam said, “We are close to solving this mystery.”

When they arrived at the outside wall of the “Go” room, all three were surprised at what they found, footprints!  But not just any footprints, a lot of prints and they were different shapes like stars and moons.

“There must be at least, one hundred footprints.”  Samantha said and then asked, “What do we do now?”

Stay tuned for Part 3 of Sam, The Great Detective Elf!


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