The Detective Kit Works!

When we last left our Detective Elves, they had found lots and lots of footprints in the snow.  Except these prints were weird because they had stars, moons, sunshines, and smiley faces on them.

Sam had already started climbing the snowy hill behind the workshop following the prints.

“Come on, you two, “he said as he waved his arms at Samantha and Max, “they go this way!”

Therefore, up the hill and through a patch of pine trees, the three of them plowed through the deep snow.  When they arrived at the top, all three fell over in the snow, exhausted from their climb.

Samantha sat up and put her finger to her lips.

“Shhh,” she whispered, “I think I hear someone laughing.”

Max started nodding his head up and down.  And Sam jumped to his feet, only to fall face down in the snow because Samantha grabbed his leg.  Sam rolled over to look up at a very red-faced Samantha stomping off toward an opening in the trees.

“Are you kidding me?” she was saying, “Why that old man won’t have a white whisker left when I get through with him!”

Max got up, pulled Sam up, and said, “We better hurry and catch Samantha.”

The two of them went running behind a very angry Samantha Elf.

“Santa!” Samantha was yelling, “Oh, Santa Claus!”

“Uh, oh.” said the bearded man while his reindeer started backing up behind him.

“Stop right there!” Samantha firmly said and pointed her finger at them.

Donner whispered to Rudolph, “We have been caught.”

“Well, hello Samantha.” Santa greeted his little elf as jolly as he could, hoping to make her smile. “Is that Max and Sam with you?”

Samantha was now face to face with Santa and said, “Do not change the subject.”

Sam walked up behind Samantha and asked, “Did you know they were borrowing the toys and playing with them?”

“No.” Samantha answered, “But I have caught these toy player bandits before and we came to an agreement.”

Samantha continued, “It went something like, after December 1, all toys in the “Go” room, stay in the “Go” room.”  “They can play with anything else outside of the “Go” room.”

Rudolph chimed in, “You mean test; we personally test the toys for the children, not play.”

Santa gave Rudolph a look that said he was not helping right now and needed to be quiet.  So, Rudolph quickly stepped back behind Donner and hid.  Now, Santa was digging the toe of his black boot in the snow.  They all knew the importance of the rules of the workshop and the “Go” room.  However, sometimes the boy in Santa took over his better judgment.

“Yes, I believe you are correct, Samantha.”  Santa agreed.  “There is a special reason why we borrowed the sled this time.”

”I am listening.” Samantha said.

Santa continued, “I bought the reindeer these new stamp boots that make stamps of stars, moons, sunshines, and smiley faces in the snow.” He lifted Comet‘s hoof to show Samantha. “The stamp part has special grippers to keep them from slipping and falling, while helping them to climb tough hills.”

Samantha could not help but grin at her Santa and nod her head.

“I understand everything.” She said.

“So, you took a sled, from the “Go” room, to ride down the hill and then have the reindeer pull it back up the hill, all for the sake of testing their new boots?” Samantha questioned.

“A few hundred test runs.” Rudolph giggled.

Sam walked over, put his arm around Samantha, and said, “At least we got to try out the new detective kit and we know it works!”

“Maybe now we can see how these new stamp boots work?” Sam winked at Santa.

“Wait a minute.”  Samantha stopped them and asked, “Do you still sign the bottom of the toys you have personally tested?”

Santa turned the sled over and written on the bottom was Personally Tested by Samantha’s Toy Player Bandits with a smiley face at the end.  They all began to laugh as Rudolph went flying down the hill on the sled!

So, if you get a toy with  Personally Tested by Samantha’s Toy Player Bandits  written on the bottom of it this year, you will not have your own mystery to solve.  You will already know that Santa and his reindeer were playing with your toy!


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