Proverbs Panda and Winter!

Christmas was over and everyone in Knowledge Forest was busy preparing for winter.  They did not want to be caught without warmth and food when the snows arrived.

Proverbs was busy building what he called his warm hut.  It was a smaller hut he built around the outside fire.  The hut had a little hole in the top for the smoke to go out but the heat to stay inside.  Proverbs built the hut every winter for the people who would still come out to Knowledge Forest.  It was a place to stop and get warm.

He would serve them warm tea or hot chocolate and biscuits with honey. Because he felt that when someone was cozy and their belly full, they listened better to his bible stories.  And, usually they did and would leave feeling happy!

Today, Jack and Sally came by after school to help build the hut.  They had never built a hut before and were excited to learn!  As they gathered the piled up straw and vines, from behind Proverb’s hut, Sally noticed a smaller third hut.

She asked, “Proverbs, what is that hut for?”

Proverbs smiled and explained, “That is my provisions hut.”

“Provisions?” Sally was confused.

“Provisions mean that I take the food I have harvested from my summer garden and store them in there.” He went on, “I also, put extra wood for the fire, water to drink, clothes and blankets, just in case I have needy visitors too.”

“Wow, so if we have a big blizzard or something, you will have everything you need!” Jack said.

“That is right!” Proverbs answered.

Proverbs gathered the children around to sit with him.  And told them about a Proverb from the great King Solomon, when he was trying to teach his own son a lesson.  Because his own son was a great procrastinator or he always put things off to do later.

King Solomon told his own son to “Go to the ant, consider her ways, and be wise.”

(Proverbs 6:6)  “With having no one to tell them.  They work hard all summer, gathering food for the winter.”  (Proverbs 6:7 – 6:8)

“So you see, if I had put things off or procrastinated like King Solomon’s son, I would be hungry and cold all winter.”  Proverbs said.

Jack whispered, “And so would the people who come to visit you.”

Proverbs smiled and lifted Jack and Sally to their feet, “Come on, we still have some work to do, before we can have our biscuits and tea!”


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