Proverbs and A Saturday Afternoon

It was an unusually warm, sunny winter Saturday in Knowledge Forest.  Proverbs was busy getting tea, hot chocolate, and biscuits ready for his afternoon visitors.  He could not wait for everyone to arrive!

Jack and Sally were the first to come because they loved to help Proverbs get the tables all fixed up.  They also liked just being with Proverbs.  He always made you feel cheerful inside your tummy.

While Sally and Jack were putting the plates on the tables, Jack asked Proverbs, “What do you think we will discuss today?”

Proverbs paused and answered, “I guess it will depend on what is going on in the world.”

He went on, “Adults tend to worry about events that could possibly affect them and their families.”

“I know what has been in the news this week!” Sally blurted out.

“Really, and what is that?” Proverbs asked.

Sally began to explain to Proverbs about the NFL Christian football player who was always praying on the field and giving God credit for everything in his life.  So, now there were these other NFL players criticizing him and some group on TV did a play that made fun of what he was doing.  The Christians were mad about the other people making fun of him.

“Sounds a little silly to me” Proverbs said.

“They are just scared of him because he has God on his team!” Jack exclaimed.

Sally shook her head at her brother and said, “Jack, we all have God on our team.”

Proverbs smiled at both of them and said, “Sally you are right, and Jack I think you are right too.”

Proverbs went on to tell how when someone has not been living their life the way God says we should, they can feel guilty.  So, instead of trying to change their life, they would rather make the guy, who is doing right, seem ridiculous.  Humans use this method to make themselves feel better.

“The Christian football player sounds like he is following God’s word, in the bible section of Proverbs.”  Proverbs went on, “In Proverbs chapter three, sections five through six it states…Trust in the Lord God with all of your heart. And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him.  And He shall direct your paths.”

“So, he is doing what God tells him to do.”  Sally stated.

“Exactly!” Proverbs said.

Jack asked, “Do you think that will be our discussion today?’

Proverbs winked at Jack and Sally and said, “I hope so, because then you can tell them the Proverb!”


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