Knowledge Forest Winter Jam

Knowledge Forest was having its very first music festival called Winter Jam.  Bands from all around were coming to play.  Everyone was very excited!

Sally and Jack could hardly wait for Saturday afternoon to arrive, because they were going to help Proverbs with some of the festival’s details.  And, they had never been to a music concert before. Mom and Dad were always watchful about the type of music they would listen to and what they watched on the television.

This time it would be different because the music was called Christian and it came in all forms like rock and roll, and pop.  Mom and Dad were going too.  Sally and Jack liked that their parents cared enough to only want good things in their lives, even the music!

“Proverbs, what is Christian music?” Sally asked.

“Well, it is called Christian because the words are about God, Jesus, praise, and worship.” Proverbs answered.

“Not like the music your friend Jamie listens to on his ipod.” Sally said.

Jack looked sad and said, “Jamie can listen to his ipod as long as he is not in the church building.”

Proverbs looked puzzled and asked, “Why is that?”

“Some of the songs have bad words in them.” Jack answered.

“And Dad says they are about hurting others especially girls.” Sally added.

Proverbs motioned for Jack and Sally to come with him and sit by the big fire.  He pulled out his bible and began to read.

“In my children’s bible, in the section called Matthew, chapter 12, verse 35 – 37, we have Jesus talking.”  Proverbs adjusted his glasses and continued, “A good man says good things. These come from the good they put away inside of him. An evil man says evil things. These come from the evil they put away inside of him. But here is what I tell you. On judgment day, people will have to account for every careless word they have spoken. By your words you will be found guilty or not guilty.”

Proverbs shut his bible and continued speaking, “I believe that listening to bad words and hurtful sayings will cloud your heart up to bad things, just as much as saying them.”

“You know, if you should not do something in a church building then maybe you should not do it when you are out in the world.”  Proverbs raised his eyebrows as Sally and Jack nodded in agreement.

“Because the church building is not the only object in this world which belongs to God.”  He went on to explain. “Everything belongs to God, even the air you breathe.”

Proverbs stood up and spread his arms out wide.  “Holy ground is every where you walk, everywhere you talk, and everywhere you listen.”

“Because God knows it, sees it, and hears it every second of every day.”  Proverbs smiled at Jack and Sally as he spoke to them.

“And he loves you, even when you forget to be kind and speak wisely!”  Proverbs went on, “Maybe your Mom and Dad are smart not to let you become influenced by bad words and actions!”

“Now come on, we have some dancing and singing to do at the concert!” Proverbs held out his hands for Jack and Sally and off they went to Winter Jam.


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