Why Do We Love Candy?

Well, candy has a lot of sugar in it and sugar tastes sweet to the taste buds that are located on our tongues.  The taste buds then send happy signals to our brain!  Our body loves happy signals and when it is gone our brain will want more.

Sugar may make our brains happy for a little bit, but it can hurt our bodies as we get older.  Sugar can make us fat as we get older, which makes our heart have to work too hard.  It is very bad for your heart and you need your heart to live.  Or we could get really sick with diseases.  Then our bodies can not work very well and we will not have any fun!

If you eat fruit that is sweet, your taste buds will send those same happy signals to your brain! So, it is better to eat a lot of fruit and a little bit of candy with sugar.  I like when my brain and my body are happy and healthy. Don’t you?

So, the next time you want a piece of candy, ask your parent for a banana instead. Instead of a soda, have some water. This way your body will become stronger and your brain will become smarter!


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