Meet Jane Washington

Hello, my name is Jane Washington! And no, I am not the first President of the United States, George Washington‘s great, great, gadzillion great granddaughter.  I am jus plain Jane Washington from the Piedmont of North Carolina.

You do know where the Piedmont is in North Carolina, don’t you?  I will give you a hint.  It is not at the beach, or in the mountains. Yep, yep you’re right! I live right  smack in the middle of the state. Yep, our family farm is located  outside of the big city of Charlotte.  And I live on it!

How old are you?  I am eight.  Do you like my pigtails? Me and Emily, my bestest friend, measure our pigtails once a week.  To see if they have growed any. Do you have pigtails?

Where was I? Oh yeah, I was gonna tell you about my tree. At the back of our house is a hill with a big oak tree.  Granddaddy said the tree was there when he was a little boy! So you know it must be four or five hundred years old.  The tree is my tree now.  Mama calls it my “I” tree.

“Going to your “I” tree today?” She will ask me.

I better set you straight before we visit my tree.  Jus cause Mama calls it my “I” tree does not mean internet. No playin computer games from my tree!  “I” stands for imagination!  Yep, yep, it sure does.

See, I like to grab an old quilt and go lay under my tree.  In the summer it will shade you from the ole hot sun and in the winter you can see directly through the limbs, all the way to the sky!  Yep, me and my tree have shared thousands, I mean millions of dangerous adventures together.

Would you like to join me under my tree and go on a great adventure to Watchakickmekaka or wherever?  You would?  Well, join me back here on Wednesday, February 1, 2012 and we will share lots of fun!  See you then.



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