Snowflake Poem Contest Winners!

Elementary School

First Place is Colin Evans. Two runner-ups are Cassie Peterson and Grace Janzen

Middles School

First Place is Lily Duncan Two runner-ups are Allie Lanier and Elizabeth Weiner

High School

First Place is Will Thraikill. Two runner-ups are Laura Lanier and Victory Johnson.

Congratulations to the winners and to the entrants!  You made this very challenging for the judges, not only because of the large number of participants, but the quality of the writing was impressive!  If your child did not win, please encourage them to enter again and again.  Competition was tough, so they will have to up their game for the next ones.  We, the judges, talked it over and decided to give more criteria to the next writing contests.  Judging was truly that hard.  This will also benefit the children doing the writing.  February is a one page essay for High and Middle school, and one paragraph for Elementary school.  High and Middle School must answer the question,  “What would a Presidential candidate have to say to you to get your vote and why?”   Elementary school students must write one paragraph which answers the following question.  “Why is it important to vote?”  Go ahead and work up your rough draft.  By Monday, February 13, I will post the criteria for each one.


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