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Middle and High School Post

 Joseph the Teenager

The word “teenager” did not appear in our culture until the 1960s’.  So, when you try to research “teens” in the bible, you have to find the mention of ages.

Did you know that most of those who were sixteen had become rulers by then?  Can you imagine their daily responsibilities?  And you cringe when your mom wants to know if you have cleaned your room!  Your life compared to their life, is amazingly simple.

One teenager in the bible is Joseph, from the Old Testament.  We are told that he is seventeen.  Now, Joseph’s responsibilities were all about sheep herding and the work that went into their family farm.  He also had older brothers who were apart of this family business.

Joseph, being the youngest, was a tattle tale and his father’s favorite.  He knew it too!  His father favored him so much, that he had an elaborate robe made for only Joseph.  You have probably heard the bible story about “The Coat of Many Colors”.

I can hear you saying “big deal” in your head.  But it was a very big deal, because every minuet detail was done by hand.  The yarn came from the sheep, the dye for the yarn from berries, and then there was the actual process of construction.  Think of an Armani suit or evening dress made only for you, by hand, by Armani.  It was a very big deal.

And very painful to his older brothers because they felt like it was being rubbed in their face that Joseph was the favorite son.  There is not much in the way of defense for Joseph and his obnoxious, arrogant behavior.  He knew he was the bomb.  So, when he showed up on a work day with the robe on, only to spy on his brothers and report back to dad, well the brothers had had enough.

They tore the robe off of Joseph and sold him as a slave!  I have to stop here and ask, “How is your day going?” Probably not as bad as Joseph’s next thirteen years.  God can take our mistakes and turn them around for something very good for us, but God does not work in our time, only His time.  And that is exactly what He did for Joseph.

Joseph eventually became The Head of State of Egypt, which meant he was the most influential man in the known world.  He forgave his brothers and asked them and their father to come live with him in Egypt.  Which as you know, back then they lived in palaces of unimaginable size and splendor.  Joseph lived to be 110 years old.

The life God created for Joseph, from his mistakes, was better than the life Joseph could have created for himself!  So, how is your life going?  Made many mistakes lately?  I bet you have because you are human.  Give it all over to God and allow Him the opportunity to become the director of your life.  I cannot promise instant results, but it will be a better life than you can create!

Philippians 4:6  “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.”


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