The Problem With American Education

Did you know that America spends 809.6 Billion dollars a year on education?  We are the number one in the world, on the amount of money we spend, and number two is Japan at 160.5 Billion dollars. With Finland spending only 10 Billion dollars a year.

Why would I mention Finland’s measly amount? Because they are number one in the world, in Literacy, Math, and Science.  America is number three in Literacy, number ten in Math, and number nine in Science.  What is Finland’s secret?  They certainly have proven that spending more money on education is not the answer!

I had to find out what the Fins were doing so well, and why haven’t we adopted it in America?

Finland reformed their education system around forty years ago.  They do no standardized testing, except for at the end of high school. They believe the children are to be taught to learn, not to take tests.  Children are not statistics but human beings, and are treated that way.  There is no competition between the children or the schools.  Every school gets equal funding, teachers are highly paid, and they all get the same quality of teachers from University.  This is the real kicker.  The people who run the school system are educators! No politicians, special interest groups, or individuals.

Equality is the goal, for everyone!  The schools provide food, medical care, counseling, and taxi service if needed.  Equality in education and class…rich, middle, or poor, they all get the same treatment!  If a child is struggling, then they take the child aside and figure out an individual plan based on the child’s needs and how the child learns.  Because of the higher pay, the schools have plenty of teachers, assistants, and aides.  With enough adults in each classroom to provide quality education and attention the children need.

Finland gets it!  The children are the future of their country’s success.  America has it bass ackwards.  Americans in power have decided that the success of America is for them to become richer and more powerful.  Actually they are only looking after their success, along with their colleagues.  They are systematically destroying America with their self-interest and greed.  And our children…well we might have one or two out of a classroom of forty who will make it in life.  The rest will grow up either on government dependence, work at mediocre jobs, and live illusion filled lives with the dream of being hip hop stars.

America should start…

1.  Make those in power aware of the fact that their jobs are now in danger, unless they make some drastic changes.

2.  Teacher’s pay should equal a doctor’s pay.  Government servant’s pay should be cut down to less than $50,000.00 a year!

3.  Offer free college at our state colleges to those going into the teaching profession.  They have to work five years at a public school after college, in order for it to be free.

And that is just the start!  We should follow Finland’s example of no standardized testing.  Children should be taught to learn, not grouped into a corral like cattle!

Where can you start? Get a group of parents together and begin at the local level.  Demand change and stay with it until there is change.  If we could raise up enough small groups in each community, imagine the large group which could confront our state and federal representatives.  The small group of Patriots, who won independence for America, where not in the majority of the populace.  They started small and worked their way up until they won!

Our children deserve a better education and a better nation!




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