Who Has Time for Manners These Days? (You Do!)

I love it when my grandchildren answer me with their manners.  From “yes mam”, to “please”, and “thank-you,” it is one of the  Southern traditions I am proud they still utilize every day.

When you look around at our hectic world today, faster is not always better.  Taking the time to teach your children a small level of respect for others, will produce great rewards in their futures.  Even in job interviews, remembering the polite applicant makes them hire worthy. Everyone wants to work in a pleasant environment!

When God created Adam, He basically said that Adam and all of his descendants were to be caretakers of the earth. And Jesus came along to remind us that we were to be caretakers of each other. So how did something so simple become so complicated and discarded?

Because respect is not taught these days in homes, at schools, at work, and even at play.  It is all about upping the next person, being better than they are,  and trashing our environment.  We have come a long way from Adam and it has been downhill ever since. We wonder what happened to the younger generation.  The answer is found within our older generation; us!

We became so caught up in “have it all” mentality, that we forgot our stay here is temporary. And we do have it all! We have God’s grace, and love. Yet, Mothers who stay home to raise their children are looked upon as a lower class.  Women having babies by themselves is applauded and encouraged.  And the fathers, yes, where are the fathers?  We have been divided and conquered by things, lifestyles, and media.

So, how can we turn it around? With respect and manners! Teach the next generation some simple manners and show them this is not a throw away world. Make them the caretakers of the people and their earth once again.



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