New School Year; New Hopes and Fears

Every year, about this time, most families in America are preparing their children to go back to school. From grade school to high school, there is a buzz of anticipation and some remorse.  For this is the signal that your child is growing up and your time spent together is winding down.

For your child it is about whether the Teacher will like them or be tough on what he/she expects from their students. Then your child has to consider their social acceptance among the other students. These situations could bring anxiety to any one, especially a child! And don’t think for one moment your teenager is grown, because they are not.  They have the same fears too.

With my crystal ball of hindsight, I have a few suggestions for the new school year.

  1. These are the years that will form and mold your child’s view of the world and how they are expected to maneuver  through life.
  2. Pray each morning with your child/children.  Set the tone for positivity for both of you.
  3. Make sure they have everything they need concerning school supplies, appropriate clothing, and meals.
  4. Breakfast is so important! I had one child that she would eat a peanut butter sandwich and drink a cup of coffee. It worked for her.
  5. Be there for your child! Be present during your conversations concerning their school work and friends.  Listen to what they are saying.
  6. Leave your work or daily stress where it belongs, behind you. Your children don’t need to burden themselves with your problems.
  7. Love your children!!



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