People Against Violent Media (Movies, Television, Videos)

So, this morning I rose early, really early. My little dog, Daisy, had a restless night and by four am she was ready to sleep. By four am, I am wide awake!

The early morning news, showed Quentin Tarantino having an anti-cop rally in NYC. While he was calling them killers and inciting violence against our Police, they were standing around him protecting him. Yes, they were doing their job protecting his first amendment right to protest. If that does not make you sick to your stomach, what has happened to your moral compass?

For me, I have had enough of Hollywood, the Television and Music industry, and the vile content they produce! For years the male species has dominated these areas and what has happened to our country, our families, even our children? We now have a country filled with no respect, more violence, and more sexual deviancy.  Oh, I can’t blame them for everything, we are just as much a part of this epidemic! Why? Because we have failed to shut it down and demand better!

Have you seen the trailers for some of the new television shows?  One stands out in my mind, called Wicked City. It is so horrific that you would expect a movie “R” rating. A better way to advertise this series would be to say “We are now promoting serial killings.”

Aren’t you sick of it by now? The people making these criminal visual shows, movies, and videos, have enough wealth to afford them the deviancy of their minds without living the everyday reality of this world. We are the ones who live in the real world and have to deal with what they created.

I am the last person who would not deny someone their first amendment rights. But I will demand better and will not subject myself to their filth!

So, how do we influence change? We write to the television networks and their advertisers. Let them know in no uncertain terms we are done with them until they change. We do not buy or go see movies, and videos with violent and deviant behavior displayed. Let them spend their millions and then watch what happens when their projects tank.  The mighty dollar or lack of, can speak volumes.

And when people like Tarantino hold a rally, go and let me know. I will be there with my bag of tomatoes to throw his way, just like they did in Shakespeare’s day when they disapproved of the play. Maybe an “artist” like Tarantino can understand this form of disapproval. No, I guess I could not do that to the poor tomatoes. But we do have the same right to voice our opinions at their rallies.

I can sit here and blow off steam but without action it is just that, blowing. Join me and others in using our consumer buying power to stop these insane, privileged people. Write a letter or two or three, and follow it up with action or non action (don’t buy their products).

As always…God Bless You!, home of the awesome Christian children’ book, The Tent Maker.


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