Beaches and Bacteria Safety

Today I read of a man in Texas, who now has the flesh-eating bacteria destroying his body. He contracted the bacteria after swimming at a local beach in Texas.  The family was unaware there were problems in the water at this beach. And now he may pay the price with his life!

My home state of South Carolina, also had warnings earlier in the season of high bacteria levels at their beaches. They advised people not to get into the water.  It makes me wonder if one area of a state’s beaches are contaminated, would not the other beaches be contaminated also.  The ocean’s water does not stay in one location. With currents and tides, it migrates up, down, and around our coastal regions.

If my kids were juveniles, I would not let them in the ocean this year.  Anyway, most resort locations have pools and water parks to be enjoyed.  But if you are head strong and believe nothing will happen to your child or children, at least check this site out… You can find information concerning the status of the water in your area and bacteria levels. This goes for fresh water locations too.

Now, that I have informed you of the beach bacteria, I have to preach on the subject of cleanliness. Because our waters did not get this way on their own. It is from trash, pollution, and ports for ships. The main cause is people and their lack of respect for the environment!

When I was growing up it was known, that anywhere we traveled to, we were to leave it cleaner than when we arrived.  To this Southerner, it is common decency.

When you hear someone say “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” they are talking about the book of Leviticus in the bible. There are chapters with God telling Moses what should be done in each situation. If cleanliness were not important in a Christian life, why would God make sure it was known at the very beginning?

Christians should lead the way as examples for others to follow!

Please teach your children that cleanliness is what Christians do. Because it is not only pleasing to God but it is being good stewards of the earth He gave us.

God Bless You!

God Bless America!



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