Parents of Teenagers…Listen Up

If you are a parent, or a grandparent of teenagers, Ryan Lochte just handed you the perfect example of the consequences of bad decisions. Decisions should never be made on a whim or under the influence, because the consequences that follow may destroy a career, cause death, or land you in jail.

Yet a lot of teens see themselves as invincible. And that they don’t have to worry about consequences until they are old in life, meaning over 40.

Kids need to learn early on in life, how important the everyday decisions can be in our lives. I am sure you have had a few looking back ward, 20/20 moments when you wished you had made a better decision. I know I do!

Ryan Lochte was someone who trained for the Olympics. Swimming was his life and livelihood. He had obtained sponsorships from some large corporations, which translates into a large paychecks. In one night of bad decisions, he wiped the slate clean of all of his accomplishments. Ryan no longer can compete in the Olympics and he is losing his sponsors.

He gave up a plush privileged life in one bad decision which followed another bad decision.  The details are insignificant now. Maybe if he had asked God for good discernment that day or if someone else had prayed over him, his spirit would have sent the warning signals to his brain.

Discernment is a very important word. It means the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure, according to the dictionary.  To me, discernment is good judgement. And God’s discernment over our lives is perfect. We have to learn to ask for it and then to listen to Him when we are told.

Teach your children to pray to God each day asking for discernment in all situations. And then to learn to listen to the spirit inside of them, guiding them through life. You should pray over your children each day too.  Ask God to guide them through their day with good decisions. I wish I would have had someone who had prayed over my life each day, when I was a teenager.  Don’t you?

Also talk to your teens about good judgement and decision-making. Show them what has happened to Ryan Lochte as an example.  And thankfully there are so many other Olympians who have made good decisions through out their lives, to use as the other example!


God Bless You!

God Bless America!






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