How Would You Handle It?

I recently read an article about a family having dinner in a local restaurant. Their ten-year old is a high functioning child with autism.  And they have experienced meltdowns with him before when out in public.

This time, his older sister was teasing him and he went into meltdown mode. His mother got up, walked over to his chair, and knelt down. She rubbed his back and whispered reassuring words to him. His meltdown ceased.

After the incident the waitress came over to their table with a kind note about the mother and family. The note came from another restaurant customer who also paid for their meal. Most people who give from the heart, do not wait around for the “thank you.” This patron didn’t wait either.

Now the family, had received comments before, like asking them not to come back to the establishment. But never a comment with such a display of kindness and generosity before.  The grandfather was sure the people were really angels sent by God, because human nature appears to render aggravation rather than compassion in these situations.

What would you do or what have you done, when in a similar situation?

I guess because my husband and I are grandparents, our response is more sympathy.  And with me, I would love to go over to hold the child or help the family if I can. Sometimes if they are near us, we reassure the parents it is all part of growing up.

You see, some adults forget they were once children. And usually the ones who complain the most, were probably the more difficult child.

Now, I am not saying reward a child for bad behavior. Children can not learn how to act in public, if they are never given a chance. It is how the situation is handled which makes a difference.

Because there is nothing worse than, when a parent starts shouting at their child.  Which usually causes things to escalate. And then you know who the child models their behavior from, the parent or parents.

Have we forgotten life is an imperfect dance and children especially need a little more consideration under stressful circumstances.  Just like us, they get tired, hungry, and grumpy.  Yes, and just like adults, kids act up too.  Sometimes all that is needed is soothing words or a time out from the situation.

Parents and especially single parents, have a tough job these days. They compete with technology, media, school environments, and social environments. Not to mention the family dynamics. We the spectators, should be prepared to give a little kind consideration or maybe even some help. You can usually gauge a situation by observation and know whether to wait or to jump in and help.

Next time, think about Jesus and how He would handle the situation. Would Jesus walk over and ask them to leave? Or would He pay for their dinner and leave a kind note? Just saying.

God Bless You!

God Bless America!



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