Lioness Momma & My Elsa

The first thing that I want to do is give you a little back story. And you should know that I do not believe in coincidences.  Everything happens for a reason, even if we do not know the reason until later.

The picture which is displayed with my article is one I bought around four years ago at a sale. A wildlife photographer had taken this picture of the lionesses and cubs coming out of a crater in Africa.  I am in love with this picture and I have nicknamed it, Elsa.

Now, on to the story…

We had relocated from Charlotte, North Carolina to the Houston, Texas area and I was struggling.  I missed my family and grandkids; and I was  pretty upset with God for not realizing this move was a bad idea. One important reason was because my father’s health was declining and I wanted to be with him in South Carolina. Houston was 18 hours away, didn’t God understand?

So, my husband and I started going to the estate sales and auctions in the area and found ourselves opening a booth in a local antique mall.  It gave us something we enjoyed to do together and would hopefully re-focus my attention.

Around four years ago, we were at a Houston estate sale.  Everything in the home was exquisite but very expensive.  When you are buying to re-sell, you have to know what your customers are willing to pay.  And this was not the sale for my customers. But it was still fun to look around.

I came to realize that the homeowner must have loved this photographer, because  numerous of his works were displayed.  When I saw my Elsa, my heart jumped. She was so beautiful and I had just watched Born Free again on cable recently. One of my favorite all-time movies. I was smitten!

You see my mother had allowed me to watch Born Free on the television when I was young. It was a special mother daughter bonding moment that I will never forget.  I even remember both of us crying when the game warden and his wife were trying to teach their Elsa to live back in the wild.  Oh, and we really bawled when Elsa brought her own cubs back to see them, after she had made it back into the wild.

My heart went from ecstatic to very sad, when I saw the price. The picture was too expensive for me to buy, even for myself.  I took one last look at my Elsa and resigned myself to “it was not meant to be.”

Two weeks later my mind was still on my Elsa. I kept telling myself that someone had already bought it. That Friday afternoon, my husband sent me an email from one of the estate sale companies.  It told about one of the big churches in Houston having their spring sale. The line that caught my attention was…

Estate Sale Items at Yard Sale Prices!

I hoped in the car, plugged in the GPS, and went to the church.  When I pulled up there were things outside which were truly estate sale worthy.  But inside was where the treasures were, three floors.  An antiquer’s dream sale.

Buying a few items on the first and second floor, I decided I should go put them in my car and free my arms for more.  On the way out I noticed a sign, books and paintings upstairs.  Well I had not scavenged the upper floor yet, so I hurried out to the car and deposited my things.  Then I hurried back in, did not want to miss anything, especially at these prices!

And what did I find when I went up two floors? My Elsa waiting at the top of the stairs with a $25.00 price sticker! Tears streamed down my face as I paid for her. It was a moment comparable to my Mom still being with me, saying everything was going to be ok.  Oh yes, it was also my birthday week! I knew Elsa was mine from the moment I saw her, I did not know she was God ordained for me.

God is so very good to me! Yes, I get mad at Him and pout like a spoiled child.  But it is His love for me which I know to the bottom of my soul. And if I let Him, He will show me how much He loves me. Especially if I do His will for my life. Loving a stubborn child can be tough and I am blessed that God never gives up on me.

Elsa hangs over my desk to remind me of how blessed I am to have special moments with my family to reflect back upon each day. And no matter what, if I give it all to God to handle, things will turn out fine. Everything works out for His good!

Special moments with your children may affect them long after you have left this earth. We know dark memories sure do. The immense love they feel at 8, may once again revisit them at 58.  Something parents should always be mindful of and not let your days together pass in a blur of mindless activities.

My favorite statement is, “My children did not choose to be born, I chose them.”

When choosing a precious gift as a child, remember they are always precious. Even during the difficult years. They did not choose you; you chose them!

And just like the lionesses in my picture, who are grouped together to hunt and protect all of their young. Human parents need to form friendships that will assist each other in the protection and nurturing of each other’s children. For the time is now, to come together in love and understanding, if we want to change the future for our children!


God Bless You!

God Bless America!




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