Take Shelter

The east coast of America is bracing for Hurricane Matthew and while most are evacuating the area, there are those who will stay.  If you have children and stay, to me, you are a criminal. You are purposely putting your children in harms way!

Now, I know some people will have to go to local shelters and that is fine. But those who are staying to ride out the storm thinking they are big, bad, and brave are stupid!  You can not fight rising, rushing water.  Water so strong that a Mack truck can be swept away by it, like a feather blowing in a breeze.  Trees breaking in half and falling on power lines, and your home create perilous circumstances.

All of these situations are very scary to children. And you, as their protector, must make good decisions concerning their welfare.  You, must be the calming force in a frightening situation.

King David when he had enemies chasing him, not even a hurricane, stated in Psalm 55:8…

“I would hurry to my place of shelter, far from the tempest and storm.”

Before that verse, David express he would do this if he were a dove.  He would fly to safety. David was not a fool in troubled times.

Please heed my words, as someone who has been through these weather hazards, go to a shelter or evacuate.  Prepare your children for what is to come and reassure them that they will be ok.  Take supplies, favorite blankets, stuffed animals, or dolls; anything that will represent comfort to them.

And please don’t forget your pets.  They are family too and deserve to go wherever you go.  You can find pet friendly shelters and hotels.

Being big, bad, and brave means nothing when you or your family is being lowered into a grave!

So, be a real hero and take care of your children and pets.

God Bless You!

God Bless America!


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