Holiday Safety for Kids and Animals

Wow! We are into Halloween week already and then the holiday push will begin.

Are you ready?

Can you feel the stress start crawling up the back of your neck?

One way to reduce holiday stress, is to make sure your home environment is safe for family and pets. Having to make a call to Poison Control, visit the Emergency Room, or even an Emergency Vet;  can turn your holidays into a nightmare.  The way to prevent disaster is to be informed and prepared.

“Intelligent people are always ready to learn. Their ears are open for knowledge.” Proverbs  18:15 New Living Translation.

Did you know that certain plants and trees which decorate our homes this time of year are toxic, even deadly, to humans and animals.  And their pretty bright colors with sweet smells, are so enticing to children and pets.

Did you know that these same trees and plants have been treated with fertilizers and pesticides? Fertilizer and pesticides are extremely toxic! It is as simple as putting water in the base of the tree or plant to help release these chemicals.

And, I have heard so many people say that their family experiences more allergy and sinus issues around the holidays every year.  That is logical because, we turn our homes into greenhouses when we bring the trees and plants indoors.  Then the saps and chemicals begin to release into our household air systems, thus aggravating our own airways.

Now your whole family has a cold/sinus issues and they become miserable. So, you become miserable. Is it really worth all of the trouble for four weeks?

Myself, I love live trees…outside.  Over the years we have learned an artificial tree works just as well.  You do have to keep them dusted and clean, and make sure they meet the regulatory standards.  Because warmed toxic plastic is just as bad. Also, I think churches should consider their decorating habits during the holidays.  Some of us cannot attend church services during the holidays because of the plants and trees in the sanctuary.  I, myself, am allergic to the poinsettia and find myself gasping for air if in a room of them.

Make the holidays about the memories and not the stuff you adorn your home.  Simplify, enjoy each other, and celebrate Jesus’ birthday!

To find out about the plants, trees, and other holiday items which may risk your children or pets health go to… CPCS: Winter Holiday Safety and Poison Prevention Tips Page at

God Bless You!

God Bless America!



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