The Birth of One Retail Therapy Dot Com

Once more I had to follow the calling of my heart. And so I designed another website along with its’ own blog. One Retail Therapy was born out of my desire to own a retail establishment. And I wanted to be able to share my life experiences with others concerning my own attempts to stretch a dollar as far as I could.

Sometimes, I would stretch that dollar so far it popped!


Not hopped.

 So, after 54 years of living, learning, and stretching of the dollar; I came to the conclusion that online shopping was the best! Thus my idea of one stop shopping online became a reality.

One Retail Therapy Dot Com was born!

 My next step began with the search for stores. I desired stores who truly wanted customers, and would work hard to get them and keep them. My second criteria was the stores had to offer awesome products with incredible discounts, and some kind of free shipping.

After building the site, I realized most of the stores on One Retail Therapy, were small business owners.  And just like the rest of us, they are trying to make a living each and every day.  Now some of the stores I chose because of their excitingly different merchandise, which can not be found in regular retail establishments or large chains! There are a few of them which are the more commonly known shops too.

The last hurdle was one more blog to write. I have decided that between now and the end of the holidays,  One Retail Therapy’s blog will focus on making the holidays fun again. And as always…giving back!

Oh yes, I plan on doing our holiday shopping at One Retail Therapy. And then spending the rest of my time enjoying the holidays, our family, and having a little more jingle in my own pocket!

Be sure to check out and sign up for our email notifications too.

 As always, God Bless You!

God Bless American!


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