Holiday Season Decisions!

Christmas is just around the proverbial retail store corner, and they all want your business.  Even I want your business for my other site One Retail Therapy.  But before you rush out into the maddening crush of shoppers, stop…write down a budget…make a list of who you are shopping for…their interests and leave some for charity.

This will give you the opportunity to get online and research your gift list along with the best prices.

When it comes to Christmas shopping, we are so proud of our daughter and son-in-law for their holiday choices.  (Our daughter probably made the decision for her own sanity, knowing the two sets of Grandparents.)  At Christmas, each child receives three gifts from Santa.  “Baby Jesus only got three gifts when He was born,” was her explanation to us.  Of course, that did not limit us Grandparents. But when she goes and puts it in the context of Jesus…well she made this Noni think twice about my own holiday buying choices.

Something everyone should consider, I think.

Now, before we get all bound together in wrapping paper and ribbon, we should pause and remember the real reason for the season. Oh, I can tell you all about Jesus and His love, but I found an article called “Giving the Gift of Christmas,” by Joshua Becker.  And I could not have written or said it any better. You need to check it out!

Since I believe in making informed holiday buying decisions; here are some sites to help you do the same thing.


And if you want to check out some great gifts, along with discount prices, and free shipping…

That should be enough to get you started for now! Whew, cause it is enough for me!

Don’t forget to check out Joshua Becker’s article.

Giving the Gift of Christmas

God Bless You!

God Bless America!



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