God’s Got This Mom!

Being a grandparent myself, I am excited to learn about Jesus’ grandparents from “The Book of Anne!”  It is only logical that if Jesus had human parents, they must have come from somewhere, so Jesus should have grandparents.

Mary’s mother and father, (and Jesus’ grandparents) are Anne and Joachim, successful Galilean farmers.  Anne was Joachim’s second wife and Mary’s mother.  No, he did not have a harem.  Their whole existence revolved around God and His word.  And from the moment you read about them, you instantly know they are a warm, loving couple. Who intentionally raised their own children to know and obey their living God.

After reading about Anne, Joachim, and Mary, I can see why God would choose them for Jesus.  Also, we know why God chose Joseph, because his blood line was royal, Kind David royal.  And Joseph was a good man, who also lived, worked, and played according to the Jewish religion.  Perfect for Mary! God knew this would be the absolute environment for our Savior.

The point at which I have stopped reading, shows Mary and Joseph preparing for their travels to Bethlehem.  Anne has arrived and she is horrified that Mary is planning on going!  The baby is due at any time and she believes this could be dangerous for both Mary and the child.  Mary is calm, and self-assured, and basically tells Anne;

“Gods got this, mom.”

Yes, Anne raised Mary to be certain of God and His promises.  And, Mary is following through with what she has been taught.  I am sure her visits from the angel Gabriel and God keeping her in the loop of things, (so to speak) provided her with a knowing courage.

But I can relate as a grandmother.

I remember before each of our grandchildren were born, I felt a grip of fear.  The main reason was because we parents are told we are to take care of our children.  And I was not in the delivery room to make sure the doctor and nurses were doing the delivery right.  This was my baby girl, who was about to have her own baby and the birth had to be a c-section.

My daughter told us of the fear that washed over her, as her husband went out to tell the families about the change of plans.  She prayed to God and within the very next moment she was filled with peace.  Everything was going to be fine for her and the baby.

“Gods got this, mom.”

Later, we found out that if it had not been for the c-section, our first granddaughter would not have made it.  The cord was dangerously wrapped around her neck.  To go through the birth canal would have strangled her to death.

“Gods got this mom.”

How many times do we tell our children to have unwavering faith in God?  But then yank it away when it concerns us.  I know I do.

If only we could borrow a little of Mary’s courage from time to time and tell ourselves…

“God’s got this!”

God Bless You!

God Bless America!


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