From the Mouths of Babes ( 3 Year Old Tells Man at McDonalds His Pants Are Falling Down)

When I saw this article in the Huffington Post today, I thought “From the mouths of babes.” Children under five usually call it like they see it and a child’s honesty is what we need.  When a child speaks there is no sarcasm or agenda, their truth is pure, derived from a loving heart.

Maybe that is why Jesus tells us we must become like children to understand the kingdom of heaven!

I have to admit, many a day I have wanted to tell a young man to pull up his pants which were hanging below his butt.  And a couple of months ago we were in a Cracker Barrel here in Texas, where almost every one of the young male servers had their pants pulled down with their long shirts covering their back ends.  It was disgusting!

My first thought was, “Is that sanitary and does it comply with the Food Safety laws?”

Unfortunately, I was not feeling well and had just endured some testing at a local hospital.  Or I would have said something to the manager.

Fashion style is not about shocking the world with obscenity.  Fashion style should be dignified; displaying a strong character of goodness, and kindness.  You know, when I see a man or woman who is dressed nicely, I take a second look.  People admire a classy dressed person, and people snicker and make fun of an obscenely dressed one.

I don’t make the rules but I do understand the human perspective.

When I say “classy dressed,” it can be a pair of jeans and a shirt.  The difference is  the classy dressed one has all of their privates covered.  No need to have a butt cheek hanging out for attention or a cleavage open down to their belly button.  They are confident in who they are in life.  And it shows without having to show!

My own family has asked me time and again, not to say anything in public.  Mainly because you never know how a person will react.  Still I look for ways in which I might be able to kindly express my opinion.  What do you think about…

“Excuse me, would you kindly pull your pants up?’

“You never know what might escape from back there!”

Ok, enough of my teasing.

As a parent, we too, should consider how we dress in public.  Because the children are watching. Children mimic what they see in the way they dress and often speak what they hear.  And throwing a little Jesus-tude when relating to our family and others, does not hurt either.

Always remember and never forget…the children are watching!


God Bless You!

God Bless America!


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