The Affordable Care Act and PreNatal Care Costs

Elle magazine has an article which states that Representative John Shimkus has suggested the Republicans oppose the ACA because they don’t want to pay for coverage that they will not use.  His example is pre-natal care.  As I slap my forehead and roll my  eyes, it is quite clear why Washington can accomplish nothing.  They are like the frogs from Mark Twain’s, “Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.”  Someone has filled them with so much lead, their brain has been poisoned to the level of stupidity!

After reading the article, the other unkind word “idiots” came to my mind too.  It appears America has gone from one set of idiots to another set of idiots.  And I am scared because these people hold the future of our country in their hands.  My future, your future, and our children and grandchildren. If they had to accomplish in one day what either a working parent or a stay-at-home parent has to, these “idiots” would be curled up in a little ball in the corner of the room crying! Accomplish the needs of a desperate nation, I don’t think so!

God Help Us!

It saddens me when I look into the faces of my grandchildren and other children, and see the glowing warmness of God’s goodness.  They will know more than we know and be able to accomplish more than we can imagine.  Only if, we provide them with a rock to stand on and throw Washington into the sinking sand.  We have to save this country for our children and our grandchildren!

They should know peace among their peers, not divisive fighting.  We all should be able to go to a doctor or hospital without going bankrupt paying medical bills and insurance premiums. Employment and education opportunities should be abundant.

Where does the change we so desperately need begin?

With us.

One by one we will have to allow God to change each of us on the inside, and then lead us according to His will for our lives.

So I will start on my knees…

Heavenly Father:   We need You and Your help!  Somehow we became so absorbed with our own selves we forgot You and Your ways.  Now our children will have to pay our debt.  Forgive us Father!  Show us the narrow gate and allow us to enter with You.  Give us Your discernment and solutions for these problems.  There has never been nor will there ever be a President, Politician, King, Ruler, or Dictator who can change Your Holy plans.  We bow down before Your Will and ask You to change us to fulfill Your Will. Forgive us for stubbornness to care more about things of this world than You! Please save us from ourselves and provide the children with the future they deserve, Father.  Show us how to start within ourselves and then be the small pebble thrown into the pond, creating ripples of holy change throughout our families and communities.  As we stand before You and cry out “Start with me, Father!”  We ask all of this in Jesus Holy Name, Amen & Amen.

Will you ask God for change within yourself to start the ripple effect of change this desperate country and world?

I did.




God Bless You!

God Bless America!



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