Watching The World?

Like everyone else, I watched what happened around our country concerning certain protests.  Being a Southern mom, all I could think of was that those people needed a good spanking for disrespect and immoral actions!

Neither side was right, so I turned the news off, because I kept wanting to heal those news people.  If you don’t know what “healing” someone means I will tell you.  It was when old-time Preachers would smack the person on the forehead and yell, “You are healed in Jesus name!” Add a little southern accent with it too.


As I watched each group, they reminded me of Satan’s minions I see in my mind’s eye.  When you are creative, you tend to associate actions and words to pictures or visions.  Here is the vision I saw while watching the television…  red, fiery minions jumping around like their back side was on fire and spewing filth from their mouths.  Their human forms appeared to fade and evolve into my fiery image. Did they have no soul? I had to wonder.



Realizing their motivation for their actions was money, I knew Satan had to be surely behind it.  And, I question whether the people who were all stirred up, even know their leaders are being paid fabulous sums to get them to do these despicable acts.  If they did, they would want their cut of the money!

Maybe this is  a new job title and we have not heard.

WANTED: Chaos Creator, apply to Satan down the hall. And I mean “down” the hall.

My friend, they have not only sold their souls but they have ensnared others and are taking them “down” with them!

Even now, my curiosity gets the best of me when watching these events and I find myself wanting to go and talk with each group’s leaders and ask “why?”

Go to your imagination and picture this…

I would invite each leader to my porch and we would sit in the rocking chairs.  A breeze blows through the porch as we rock back and forth. Being Southern, I have to offer them some sweet tea or something else to drink, and maybe a sandwich or piece of cake.  Nothing makes a person more grumpy than an empty stomach and a desert feeling mouth! My bible would be by my side because God’s words are so much better than mine. After we rocked for a spell, I would  give each one an opportunity to explain to me exactly why they feel the need to create this chaos: other than the money.  Of course before they came they would have to agree to my guidelines.

  1. We have to pray before we begin.
  2. No yelling.
  3. No cussing or foul language.
  4. No interrupting.
  5. We all have to wear a pair of pink sunglasses. (Thank You Miranda Lambert!)
  6. We have to pray when we finish.

Who knows, it might work.  Depending on each individual’s mentality and emotional state.

People, God can solve all the problems in the universe.  Nothing is too big or too small for Him! He wants us to ask and then follow His direction. Without God, this world is going to hell in a hand basket (old southern saying.) And we are too.

Remember if your motivation is hatred or anger, it is not from God.  So the next time you get angry and full of hate, go sit in a rocking chair. Rock back and forth and spill your heart out to God!  Then you won’t apply for Satan’s job.

God Bless You!



My husband graciously pays for my websites, and blogs.  So I decided last year around September that I was going to look into affiliate marketing for my sites.  Then I had an idea…”Why not turn one website into an affiliate only site and turn it into a virtual marketplace?”

One Retail Therapy was born and I have worked at it diligently since then until now.  Contrary to what affiliate marketers and their websites tell you, you can not spend $5.oo with Facebook advertising and have thousands jumping over to your site.  And this is not a three-hour a day job, you have to work it!  

But for me it was something else.

When you are a creative creature and you stop creating, you almost stop breathing.  I felt like I was chewing on card board every day.  Don’t ask how I know what it feels like to chew cardboard.  No joy, just ho-hum, when will the day be done?  And money rolling in by the wheel barrels is also an urban myth.  You do make some money, but when you calculate the hours you work by the money you make, one cent an hour is pretty pitiful.

By now, I was going down the road my Lord had warned me about in Romans 12:2.

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

Renew my mind? My mind was bored and frustrated! My soul gasped for survival!

Yep, I was spiraling down the world’s twisty, turning slide and right into the nasty, sticky muck.

Something has to be done and be done right now!

So, that is what I am doing! I am turning my sites back into inspirational sites. 

Please be patient with me as I find my butterfly wings and attach them once more.

God Bless YOU!


Most kids would love for summer to slow down and then be able to stay out of school a little longer.  For the Berry family, we have experienced the slow-moving months of June and July this summer.  Which is unusual for us, because we are usually left with wanting more of summer.

Our beloved older pets, Honey, 17-year-old dog, Cameron, 16-year-old dog, and Tiger, 14-year-old cat, started succumbing to their old age at the beginning of June.  We spent two months of long nights laying beside them as their bodies failed and their time to die drawing near each day.  We went to numerous vet visits, hoping for a simple answer or maybe an antibiotic would keep them with us.  But no, their time to leave us was near.  And we knew it.

The vets were surprised by their ages, but we wanted more time with them.  Honey, Cameron, and Tiger were our family.  When we went on family trips, they would pile into the camper with us.  The stories we have to tell and laugh over, because they were sharing our experiences with us.

During this time, from June to the end of July, time seemed to crawl.  And isn’t that the way it always is when a loved one is sick.  The suffering seems endless and time almost stands still.  Once they are gone, time to grieve is fleeting.  The world has a “just get over it” perspective on death, suffering, and pain.

But maybe if we paused long enough to wail from the belly, sob until our tears run dry, and shout our indignation at losing a loved one so loud it echoes within the earthly barriers; maybe then we would carry the laughter, the love, and the good memories longer in our hearts.

Now as July comes to an end, we only have Daisy (7-year-old dog) left, and our other baby’s ashes, along with wonderful memories and an immense love for each of them.  As for us, we still tear up when we talk of our pets and will for awhile.  And even though they are gone from our earthly lives, they always live within our hearts!



you make lemonade, dump it on your publisher’s head, and move forward onto a new prosperous journey, blessed by God!

​Ok, I really would not dump the lemonade on someone’s head.  It would be a total waste of good lemonade.

​Why would I want to dump lemonade on my publisher’s head anyway? Well read on…

 Around six weeks ago, I was informed that my publishers were arrested by the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office. The same publisher I chose years ago because they said they were a “Christian Publishing Company.” And I have to admit that over the years they DID NOT resemble Christians in any way, shape, or form.  As a matter-of-fact Tate publishing was the polar opposite of anything to do with Christ.

 Lessons learned…

Ask God first.

Don’t believe the words of mere men, research their actions.

 So, now I must re-vamp my “The Tent Maker” book, blogs, & websites.  And that is exactly what I am doing at this time.  The book will have a new publisher called “Amelia West Publications” and that is me.  The blogs and websites will represent “The Tent Maker” book along with the businesses I have recently begun.  Because sometimes in life, you have to shake up your vision with God’s guidance.

 You know, I have always felt like a chameleon with the ability to adapt to situations and environments.  And I love color, life, change, and God!  Maybe at 55, God decided it was time for renewal and for me to brush some of those cobwebs stuck between my ears out. God works in mysterious and wondrous ways, thankfully! I still believe God has a great sense of humor. Why else would He put up with me?

​Below are my new, revamped and in the works, websites and blogs.


Your source for children’s e-books, products, clothes, and educational supplies.

Inspirational Writer & Rodan + Fields Consultant.

Your online shopping place for everything you need, at the prices you will love!

Rodan + Fields, the same dermatologist who developed Proactive, have now developed a new #1 skin care line.  My skincare consultant site.

My Rodan and Fields consultant site describing how you can start your own business for as little as $45.00.


My inspirational blog concerning God and business.

My blog describing retail buying and what is happening at One Retail Therapy.

So please bear with me as I change my sites and blogs to reflect my new direction in life.

 Drop in and visit me sometime!  And squeeze those lemons!