After this article is the first article I wrote, when I was angry at the NFL players who kneeled during our National Anthem and the Steelers who chose to stay in the locker room.  Just as the article below was an expression of my anger, and their decisions were an expression of their anger; it does not make either one of us right!

When I played sports if a team was not on the field by the National Anthem, it was considered a forfeit, not a political stance.  And since when could politics be solved in a professional sporting arena? Our problems can only be solved by working together and positive action, not kneeling.

Kneeling is a gesture I do before my Lord and Savior, when I humble myself, ask forgiveness for my sins, and strength to move forward in life.  Not a protest.  I can see Jesus, in my mind’s eye saying to me, “Joni, if you want true change, get up, get out there, and do something beneficial toward change!”

Isn’t that what He made us for anyway?

I don’t remember hiding in a locker room to be the answer to building homes for the homeless, providing education for the poor,  and feeding the hungry either!

We are told that, “Christian love is not a feeling but a decision to act in the best interest of others.” in Colossians 1:8.

The NBA player who chose to be vocal about his decision not to go to the White House with his team, wasn’t acting in the best interest of others. Instead he appeared to be afraid that if he did not go with the team, he would not have been missed.  So he had to continually make some noise.  Reminds me of a child having a tantrum!

To me kneeling is a show of disgrace and weakness on a sporting field.  Not the mindful gesture of helping others, and changing the division into a united front by honoring the flag which brought Americans together in hope!  Our flag is a symbol of Freedom and Sacrifice.  Kneeling is a symbol of defeat and separatism.

As for racial division and inequality; when you became a professional ball player, you left that all behind.  And honey, it goes both ways!

If you don’t like the way things are going in the United States of America, start a foundation to address your issues and work to solve them!

If you don’t like the way the President is running the country, run for office!

It is easy to have a lot of mouth, articulating nothing, and then no positive action.  Which makes you only appear to be garnering attention for yourself.  And to the American people who fill those stands each game day, buy those tickets and your merchandise; that is the statement you are making to us.  You want individual attention! You are not proving a point but destroying the point!

Like I stated before, “Christian love is not a feeling but a decision to act in the best interest of others.”

It is your move NFL and NBA.

GOD BLESS YOU! May God speak to your heart through visions and display the best path for you to follow!




I love this country! America was hard-fought for to make it free and Lincoln died for America’s equality; so what did you do for America, NFL and NBA players?  Did you put on the uniform of the Greatest Nation in the world and strap a gun to your waist; and then prayed you would make it back home to see your children and spouse?

Hell no!

You went to college and got a multi million dollar contract. And, just because Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the democrats took a huge bite out of our country and then ripped it from one ocean to the other; you think their crap don’t stink and almost revere them in a sickening god-like admiration. While not realizing you are just another of their subservient puppets! 

Allow me to turn on the light switch in your darkened brain and wave the pungent smell of a rat’s rear end under your nose. They have mega money, you have mega money, and the only way to keep those dollars flowing into the elite’s pockets is to divide the working people of America.  They have been utilizing the divide and conquer mentality for eight years and are making sure it progresses today.  And like the rats they really are, they will jump a sinking ship while leaving you to drown. So when the American people, who fill the stands, buy the tickets and the merchandise, leave your sport destitute; don’t expect them behind you to give you an “atta boy” pat on the back.

You are nothing more than the puppet to an antagonistic puppet master.

I may be 55, but I have seen more in my life time than you will ever see in yours! I know racial division and racial violence.  And I am white.  I know what it is like for two black teen age girls to trap you in the library, an eight year old child, rough you up and then run away.  Do I hate black people? No I have Christian love for all colors of skin.  You see, I don’t take a bad incident and blame it on all people.  I blame it on the individuals who did the deed!

And I know what it is like to go hungry so that my children will have food, while working two jobs. Do I blame rich people for having more than me?  Once again no because I know Christian love for all people.

Now, put this in your over paid pipe and smoke it.

If Obama would have invited me to the White House, I would have gone because it is an honor to visit our nation’s capitol.  Would I run my mouth like a spoiled, little girl, just because I think Obama is a liar and an egomaniac? No, but you did!  And that is the difference between having class and having an over blown ego.

Rescind your invitation…at this point we should kick you out of the country!

Would you like to know just one of my reasons for not liking Obama, Hillary and the democrats?

I have a dear friend with stage 4 cancer and he has their healthcare, because he had no choice. So he gets to fly from Atlanta, Georgia to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for treatment.  Now he is a working class man and has to pay to fly there and back to get treatment.  He can’t have treatment near his home, no way, that would be too simple!

Gotta run the working man into the ground to fully take over our country and then it can easily be handed over to our enemies. It is called divide and conquer. Have you ever thought of that Mr. NFL and Mr. NBA?

So, how do those strings feel attached to your arms, legs, and mouth now, Mr. NBA and Mr. NFL?

By the way, could you do those chemo treatments Mr. NFL and Mr. NBA without your over-paid salary?  What do you think it feels like to have chemo treatments and then hop an airplane back home? Uncomfortable? Unbearable? Oh yeah, and you have to get up and go to work the next day.  All courtesy of Obama, Hillary, and the Democrats.

I am sick of the division in our country.  Obama got 8 years and almost destroyed our nation! And you won’t give Trump four years to turn her around, because you are afraid he just might do it.  Then your token, golden President would be the scam, he was from the beginning.

Now I have something to ask the American sports loving people…do you know the power of your game ticket?  You could force the owners to make their players accountable for their shameful actions. Turn your tickets back in, get your money back, and demand better.  Once attendance starts going down so will their ridiculous salaries and so will their asinine actions.  They will begin to stand for the country who made it possible for them to earn these glorious salaries!  Respecting those who came before and who died for their rights.  

The Pittsburgh Steelers should be the first team charged 10 million dollars for not coming out of the locker room for our national anthem.  And made to forfeit the game. Steelers, go play for Afghanistan and see if you like it better over there! Or better yet, you go to Afghanistan and take the place of our 1/151st Air Reconnaissance Battalion and send them home!

And then for each team who had a player kneel, the owner should be charged 1 million dollars per player.  Put the money in a fund for young blacks who live in the slums for better education and small business advancement. Now there would be your change!

Of course these players still need to come to the South to learn some good manners! And I for one will be willing to teach them!  Respect, honor, and Christian love for one another is the only way to turn things around. Creating more division, has Satan dancing on these player’s graves.   Cause he thinks he owns them, while they are being blinded by one of the greatest liars of our time.  

Yes, I have done some name calling in this article and I will probably spend more time in my prayer closet asking forgiveness.  Because it is my total frustration with these players and not being able to treat them like the indignant child, they have become. These players are an embarrassment to our nation within the world-wide community.

And I for one, am tired of them!

We have so many problems to solve and better ways to solve them, if they would open their minds to the possibility of Christian love for one another.  Even for a President they do not like…I did it for eight years.  

So American People This Will Only Stop With You and The Purchasing Power You Have In The Tickets and The Merchandise!

I am ready, are you?

MOTTO:  Quit buying all professional sporting tickets and merchandise until the players grow up, show respect for America, and go back to playing sports not politics!

Are you with me?

God Bless Everyone!