DREAMS ARE FOREVER! What Are You Dreaming About?

I have a sign in my office which states, ” laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.” Mickey Mouse is leaning up against the words because they are the words of Walt Disney.  He had an endless imagination, dreamed about forever, and has made us all laugh. His dreams are certainly forever!

This sign reminds me of me! I love to laugh and my imagination has not slowed down, even at 55 years of age.  And dreams, well I am a dreamer.  I dream the dreams of a better world, a better life for everyone, and deep intimate dreams of my heart. Which are not for discussing.

My father use to tell me that I could not solve all the problems of the world.  And he was right.  But what he did not tell me was how to stop the effects of the world on my heart.  I literally hurt for others.  There are times that my physical body experiences someone else’s pain and sadness. Is it because I love too much?

No, it is because I laugh, I imagine, and I dream! And then I pray.  God and I talk about the unusual wanderings of my mind, my heart, and my soul.  For He made me and He knows exactly what I need. As long as I remember that fact, I can face any storm sent my way and rejoice in the ordinary times of my life. And dream the extraordinary!

So, when was the last time you laughed? Or laid on a sheet in the yard at night, watching the stars in the sky, and allowed your heart to dream its’ own desire?  Even better, let your imagination take over and put yourself, your family into a better place? Tell the world to go away, this is your personal improvement day and then do it?

We get so caught up in making money, paying bills, taking the kids to their events, doing bible study, working at our churches; that we forget to laugh, imagine, and dream.  I know…Walt Disney made a lot of money and had the time to do those things.  Did you know that Walt bankrupted numerous times and when things were really bad, he never sold Mickey (his mouse idea, his dream)? He remembered how to live life to the fullest… you had to laugh, imagine, and dream!

The weekend is coming up, offering you and your family the perfect time for some laughter, dreaming, and imagination.  And you don’t have to leave your home, look around your house for inspiration.  Then go for it!

God loves to hear the laughter of His children!

God Bless You!




I love the travel page on my site One Retail Therapy (oneretailtherapy.com)! We have some of the best travel companies with amazing offers, on the internet! If you are single and don’t want to do bars and dating sites, we have a travel company just for singles. Some of the companies are specific to one area like Disney World, Orlando, or even Israel.

There is one company which has adventures going on around the world almost 24/7. The company is called ISANGO. They keep me updated with what is trending in the world of travel each week.  And that is how I found out Disneyland Paris is having its’ 25th Anniversary.  Wow, if Walt Disney could see his dream now!

You know I read somewhere, Walt bankrupted 7 times and he would not sell his mouse design.  Even when his future outlook was pretty bleak. I guess you know which design I am talking about. Yep, Mickey Mouse himself.

When I think about Walt Disney, I think about a dreamer and his perseverance. To all of us dreamers, he is an inspiration in never giving up on a dream! I wonder if Walt envisioned his company becoming the mega media outlet it is today?  Maybe that is why I love Disney World so much, because it is full of magic and dreams which just keep on blossoming.  Dreams that were and are achieved.

I believe God gives us dreams and buries them within our hearts.  Some people live out their dreams as teachers, doctors, pastors, and artists.  While others forget their dreams and buy into the world’s declared dreams they should do instead.  And don’t fool yourself into thinking that if a dream is from God, it will be achieved over night.  Sometimes God gives us dreams to teach us things like perseverance, patience, kindness, and respect along the way.

What is your dream?  Maybe a trip to Disneyland Paris for their 25th anniversary? Or maybe a life changing adventure to a third world country to assist them with their every day difficulties and share your knowledge with them.

Whatever your dream is, keep pursuing it! Maybe you will be the next Walt Disney, Mother Teresa, or Steve Jobs.

God Bless You!