Summer Fun With Foot Prints In The Sand!

I wrote about doing this activity some years ago, and I like to republish the idea because it can be so much fun for families and children of all ages.

This is a fun activity that parents can do with younger children.  You older kids, tweens, and teens can do this without help.

1. Take a piece of paper and draw and outline of your feet on it.

2. Cut out each foot print, right and left.

3. Now, when you go somewhere on vacation, do something fun, spend time with your family, or friends…write about it on each foot print.  Be sure to put the date.  Younger kids can draw pictures about their adventures. Or take pictures with your camera or phone.

4. Put your footprints aside and keep adding to them until the end of summer. If you have somewhere you can put the footprints up as you do them, then don’t wait! Be sure it is ok with your parents first.

5. At the end of summer, pull them all out, and walk them across the room according to their dates.

It will be fun to remember the fun and see how far across the room you can go with your memories!