Why I Chose Rodan and Fields? Serving Others Through Business

Hello, my name is Joni Berry.

I am a writer, blogger, and online entrepreneur.

I also have an auto immune disease called Wegeners, which likes to create other diseases within my body.  At this time, I have Lupus, Asthma, Chronic Respiratory Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and Osteo-Arthritis.  My nose is made from my rib bone and this is my second structure, third if you count the nose God gave me.  I have had a total of 7 facial surgeries and I am looking at number 8 coming up soon.

My skin has been scarred from the sores created by the disease on my face, neck, and head, before I was properly diagnosed. To make things worse, I am constantly pulling at my left eye, where I had a benign tumor behind it and there is no tear duct or drainage system.  Thus creating the congested feeling.

And I am 55 years old, with past years of sunning.

I bet you are wondering why in the world did I pick “skincare” as my business opportunity? When you look at my personality, I am a creature who communicates by writing and if I do go to speak with someone, will I be wheezing my head off or shaking like an earth quake from fear and albuterol?  So, my skin is not great and I am not an outgoing person.

Yes, I would say my decision to sell Rodan and Fields, leaves even me a little perplexed!

Here are some hints for you…

I love Rodan and Fields’ products!

I love Rodan and Fields’ honesty about their products.

I know at 55, if I use their products for six weeks, my face will not revert to my 22 year old skin; but it will look better! And keep looking better over time.

Oh yes, the important reason… I have no reactions with their products!

Now you know the products are great, but why the Rodan and Fields business?

Because at 55, I still have dreams.  My desire is that with the Grace of God, I can do amazing things for others until the day I die.

So, I have made an idea board for myself, to acquire a perspective as to why I want to succeed with Rodan and Fields. The first picture is a large white cross in the middle, because without God in it, I can do nothing. Another picture on the board represents my husband’s retirement.  A man who continually works hard to provide for our family and keep us with good health care. And, another picture on my board is an abandoned schoolhouse.  I have always dreamed of taking an abandoned school and turn it into an apartment complex, not a ghetto complex, for single parents and homeless families.  Giving back dignity and hopefully giving them back their own dreams.  Because, as a child, everyone has a dream for their life. Did you ever hear a child tell Art Linkletter that they wanted to be homeless and living in poverty when they grew up? (Art Linkletter use to interview kids on TV and talk to them about their ideas.)

But, one of my biggest reasons for establishing my Rodan and Fields business is because of our healthcare costs.  We have insurance with Aetna through my husband’s company. And I have come to realize that healthcare costs are not going down because they do not have to compete with one another for our business.  We have handed insurance companies the Golden Goose and then some!

It sickens me to watch the money my husband works so hard for, fly out the window for our family’s healthcare. And then for the insurance company to turn around and tell me the prescriptions I can and can not have…not my personal doctor. This is not quality of life, but a life without the substance.  You work to get a step ahead, only to be strong-armed slapped back to the beginning.

So now, it is my turn!

And, I am full of fire, because the Rodan and Fields business model is a proven successful, model! (It does not hurt that I am a little competitive too.)  Even with all of my health concerns and stumbling blocks, I can do this on my time and in my way!

I want to stop here and inform you of some things before I finish writing.

  1. I am going to be a top earner.
  2. I will take my team with me on this incredible journey and they will be top earners!
  3. I believe in the power of the servant and I serve a very big God.

Come on and join me!  Until you try, you will never know your true potential of being in business with Rodan and Fields; and ME!

Thanks for reading.

Grace and Blessings!



you make lemonade, dump it on your publisher’s head, and move forward onto a new prosperous journey, blessed by God!

​Ok, I really would not dump the lemonade on someone’s head.  It would be a total waste of good lemonade.

​Why would I want to dump lemonade on my publisher’s head anyway? Well read on…

 Around six weeks ago, I was informed that my publishers were arrested by the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office. The same publisher I chose years ago because they said they were a “Christian Publishing Company.” And I have to admit that over the years they DID NOT resemble Christians in any way, shape, or form.  As a matter-of-fact Tate publishing was the polar opposite of anything to do with Christ.

 Lessons learned…

Ask God first.

Don’t believe the words of mere men, research their actions.

 So, now I must re-vamp my “The Tent Maker” book, blogs, & websites.  And that is exactly what I am doing at this time.  The book will have a new publisher called “Amelia West Publications” and that is me.  The blogs and websites will represent “The Tent Maker” book along with the businesses I have recently begun.  Because sometimes in life, you have to shake up your vision with God’s guidance.

 You know, I have always felt like a chameleon with the ability to adapt to situations and environments.  And I love color, life, change, and God!  Maybe at 55, God decided it was time for renewal and for me to brush some of those cobwebs stuck between my ears out. God works in mysterious and wondrous ways, thankfully! I still believe God has a great sense of humor. Why else would He put up with me?

​Below are my new, revamped and in the works, websites and blogs.



Your source for children’s e-books, products, clothes, and educational supplies.


Inspirational Writer & Rodan + Fields Consultant.


Your online shopping place for everything you need, at the prices you will love!


Rodan + Fields, the same dermatologist who developed Proactive, have now developed a new #1 skin care line.  My skincare consultant site.


My Rodan and Fields consultant site describing how you can start your own business for as little as $45.00.



My inspirational blog concerning God and business.


My blog describing retail buying and what is happening at One Retail Therapy.

So please bear with me as I change my sites and blogs to reflect my new direction in life.

 Drop in and visit me sometime!  And squeeze those lemons!