From the Mouths of Babes ( 3 Year Old Tells Man at McDonalds His Pants Are Falling Down)

When I saw this article in the Huffington Post today, I thought “From the mouths of babes.” Children under five usually call it like they see it and a child’s honesty is what we need.  When a child speaks there is no sarcasm or agenda, their truth is pure, derived from a loving heart.

Maybe that is why Jesus tells us we must become like children to understand the kingdom of heaven!

I have to admit, many a day I have wanted to tell a young man to pull up his pants which were hanging below his butt.  And a couple of months ago we were in a Cracker Barrel here in Texas, where almost every one of the young male servers had their pants pulled down with their long shirts covering their back ends.  It was disgusting!

My first thought was, “Is that sanitary and does it comply with the Food Safety laws?”

Unfortunately, I was not feeling well and had just endured some testing at a local hospital.  Or I would have said something to the manager.

Fashion style is not about shocking the world with obscenity.  Fashion style should be dignified; displaying a strong character of goodness, and kindness.  You know, when I see a man or woman who is dressed nicely, I take a second look.  People admire a classy dressed person, and people snicker and make fun of an obscenely dressed one.

I don’t make the rules but I do understand the human perspective.

When I say “classy dressed,” it can be a pair of jeans and a shirt.  The difference is  the classy dressed one has all of their privates covered.  No need to have a butt cheek hanging out for attention or a cleavage open down to their belly button.  They are confident in who they are in life.  And it shows without having to show!

My own family has asked me time and again, not to say anything in public.  Mainly because you never know how a person will react.  Still I look for ways in which I might be able to kindly express my opinion.  What do you think about…

“Excuse me, would you kindly pull your pants up?’

“You never know what might escape from back there!”

Ok, enough of my teasing.

As a parent, we too, should consider how we dress in public.  Because the children are watching. Children mimic what they see in the way they dress and often speak what they hear.  And throwing a little Jesus-tude when relating to our family and others, does not hurt either.

Always remember and never forget…the children are watching!


God Bless You!

God Bless America!


F is for Family…Not Really

I heard about an animated series which is on Netflix called, “f is for family.”  One of those recommendations of “you have to see it,” kind of things.  And after seeing a small portion of the first show, I thought the show is a vulgar copycat version of the 70’s television show, “All in The Family.” Except I don’t exactly remember the 70s that way nor the show”All in The Family.”

These days vulgarity means big money.  You don’t have to even be a good story teller or comedian as long as it is disgusting and/or shocking.  How sad.  Why have a good plot when you can blow something up or mutilate people instead? Yes, sometimes when I think we have hit the bottom of the barrel in creativity; something like this show comes along and proves me wrong again.

Have you ever thought about the onslaught of foul language, perverted nudity, and violence we allow to enter our homes each day?  From games, to television shows it is a 24/7 free-for-all competition at who will capture our attention first.  The more we watch or listen to, the more we become accustomed and then the language, scenes, and actions don’t seem so vulgar.  And the more we become accustomed, the more it will take to get our attention next time.

In Luke 6:45 Jesus states, “The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks”

Basically we are what we say.  So if you speak foul and vulgar language, along with obscene actions well…you are foul, vulgar and obscene.

Also in Matthew 12:36-37 we are told by Jesus, “I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”

Isn’t it funny that Satan knows these things too? Not really.  So, by getting us to speak, watch, and listen to vulgarity puts us one step closer to his realm and another step away from God.

Now I know people will make fun of what I have said.  They will say things like, “If I watch f is for family, I am going to hell.” Maybe, maybe not. Thankfully, it is not my decision.  My point is it becomes easier and more widely accepted. Once vulgarity and abuse is more widely accepted within your home, your home and family may become vulgar and abusive.  Is that what you really want for your own children?

So where does the buck stop or should I say the vulgarity?

With us! By stopping the money flow to these shows.  Write letters to the advertisers stating you will no longer purchase products from them, if they support these shows monetarily. And then stop buying their products! Oh, yes…stop watching or participating in these things! Talk to friends, family, and neighbors about how important it is to give our next generation a better start in life.

Something to think about anyway.

God Bless You!

God Bless America!



Canada’s Ministry of Education Will Implement A Mandatory Financial Literacy Course

I read an article concerning Canada’s Ministry of Education’s plan to implement a pilot financial literacy course within their system.  They are looking at starting the mandatory program as early as tenth grade.  With their focus highlighting proficient knowledge of budgeting, taxes, and mortgages.

So, I decided to check into the American public school system and our mandatory course requirements for graduation. Even though I did not find a specific, across the board mandatory financial course requirement to graduate public high school, some did have life skills courses. Since these are elective courses, it varied from state to state.

In America, we grasp a student’s need for English, Math, History & Science, but what about their need to survive every day life after high school.  Is this really up to our educational system anyway?  To me, teachers appear to be given more of the parent’s responsibilities without the increase in pay!

You know parents, we can not depend or require our educational system to provide everything for our children.

In the bible we are told about preparing our children for their future in numerous verses.  Not only building their lives on God’s words, but knowing how to apply them to everyday life.

“Train a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Training our children for life is up to us, the parents. And,  I know we always think that we have tomorrow. But we don’t. So here are two questions for you.  Could your children survive if you were gone from their lives tomorrow? Or would they be easy prey for the evil of this world?

Something to think about.

And Canada’s pilot program will be interesting to watch over the next five years.  Of course, we will probably have to wait twenty years before we can measure real change.

Some interesting questions to be answered during the process of the program…

  1. Will the poverty levels change?
  2. Did the finances and the management of finances within the government improve?
  3. Was there more or less bankruptcies?
  4. Did it bring about more innovation within the country?
  5. Did small business numbers go up or down?

I am sure you can think of a few yourself!

Remember preparing your children for life without you, is a gift from you to them which no one can take away.



God Bless You!

God Bless America!



New England Patriots Win Super Bowl

Congratulations to the New England Patriots on winning the Super Bowl! I really thought that the Atlanta Falcons were going to win, but New England managed to pull through in overtime.

I also want to say thank you to Lady Gaga for keeping politics out of the American celebration. And for saying “One Nation Under God.”  Politics and football may divide us  in the sporting arena, but when you get down to what matters most…it is the people of America.  Skin color is only 1/8 of an inch thick on our bodies, the rest is just like everybody else!

We are Americans and we are God’s children.  Maybe a little different from the rest, but in the end we are all equal in death.

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God Bless You!

God Bless America!


Super Bowl Predictions!

Being in the Houston, Texas area, I can emphatically state that the city is alive with Super Bowl fever!  And after reading the predictions from the professionals, I deem it will be a great game to watch.  Even if my team is not playing.

I predict tonight they will have the NFL Honors Award Program and that Greg Olsen will win the Walter Payton Man of the Year award.  It is an award given to an NFL player based on their humanitarian work within the community they live.

“When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required.” Luke 12:48

I also predict that the Falcons will beat the Patriots 31 – 27.  Gotta pull for the southern team.

But the biggest award should go to the fans.  Because it is you who actually support these teams with your attendance to the games, and the products you buy.  And in America, we can not have just a simple sporting event.  You the fans, have found a way to turn it into a charitable day too!

Super Bowl party attendees will donate food and other items, which will be given to their local food banks and shelters.  Boy Scouts will pick up bags of food left by front doors in local neighborhoods, which benefit the local food bank.  The day once known as Super Bowl has begun to be recognized as Souper Bowl!

To me that states volumes of who we are as a country.  Because we are a compassionate country.  And when Super Bowl day is over and a winner declared, Americans will find another avenue to assist their fellow-man until next year.  This is what we do and this is who we are…Americans.

God Bless You!

God Bless America!


God’s Got This Mom!

Being a grandparent myself, I am excited to learn about Jesus’ grandparents from “The Book of Anne!”  It is only logical that if Jesus had human parents, they must have come from somewhere, so Jesus should have grandparents.

Mary’s mother and father, (and Jesus’ grandparents) are Anne and Joachim, successful Galilean farmers.  Anne was Joachim’s second wife and Mary’s mother.  No, he did not have a harem.  Their whole existence revolved around God and His word.  And from the moment you read about them, you instantly know they are a warm, loving couple. Who intentionally raised their own children to know and obey their living God.

After reading about Anne, Joachim, and Mary, I can see why God would choose them for Jesus.  Also, we know why God chose Joseph, because his blood line was royal, Kind David royal.  And Joseph was a good man, who also lived, worked, and played according to the Jewish religion.  Perfect for Mary! God knew this would be the absolute environment for our Savior.

The point at which I have stopped reading, shows Mary and Joseph preparing for their travels to Bethlehem.  Anne has arrived and she is horrified that Mary is planning on going!  The baby is due at any time and she believes this could be dangerous for both Mary and the child.  Mary is calm, and self-assured, and basically tells Anne;

“Gods got this, mom.”

Yes, Anne raised Mary to be certain of God and His promises.  And, Mary is following through with what she has been taught.  I am sure her visits from the angel Gabriel and God keeping her in the loop of things, (so to speak) provided her with a knowing courage.

But I can relate as a grandmother.

I remember before each of our grandchildren were born, I felt a grip of fear.  The main reason was because we parents are told we are to take care of our children.  And I was not in the delivery room to make sure the doctor and nurses were doing the delivery right.  This was my baby girl, who was about to have her own baby and the birth had to be a c-section.

My daughter told us of the fear that washed over her, as her husband went out to tell the families about the change of plans.  She prayed to God and within the very next moment she was filled with peace.  Everything was going to be fine for her and the baby.

“Gods got this, mom.”

Later, we found out that if it had not been for the c-section, our first granddaughter would not have made it.  The cord was dangerously wrapped around her neck.  To go through the birth canal would have strangled her to death.

“Gods got this mom.”

How many times do we tell our children to have unwavering faith in God?  But then yank it away when it concerns us.  I know I do.

If only we could borrow a little of Mary’s courage from time to time and tell ourselves…

“God’s got this!”

God Bless You!

God Bless America!


Push Me, Pull You

Jesus was born into a world of turmoil and struggle between the Roman conquerors and the Jewish leaders.  Having pagans and Jews live as neighbors is a disaster brewing. Especially since the pagans were trying to force their beliefs on the Jewish people. And everything about Jewish life and government revolved around their religious beliefs.

Sounds like the “Push Me, Pull You” of the Dr. Doolittle story.

The Romans made Herod their regional ruler for them over the Jews.  Herod was twenty-six years old, Jewish, and made 1.6 million dollars a year. (1.6 million in our money today.) Except he was a converted Jew, so the Jewish people did not regard him as one of them. Herod could have cared less about the Jewish people and their leaders, his allegiance was to Rome.

I would be interested to see if Herod and King Henry the 8th of England were related.  They both had a gruesome way to end their marriages, so that they could marry another woman. And if killing all those children in hopes he had killed the Messiah were not enough, Herod made sure everyone would mourn when he died.  He told his sister Salome to arrest and put in jail the most important leaders of the Jewish people.  And when the news came that he had died, they were all to be killed.

So, in the middle of this demented push me, pull you type of existence, a baby was born. Not an ordinary baby either, but our Messiah Jesus Christ!

You see, what Herod did not understand was that God does not work within our human parameters.  He is bigger than everything in the universe.  Human planning will never, ever supersede God’s plans.

Even in today’s push me, pull you world; God is still here.  You hear about the middle east turmoil, and the violence throughout the world…God is still here.  Your day has been one push and pull away from sending you over the edge…God is still here.

If God can send a baby, in the middle of the vile evil which had a grip on Jerusalem,  to be our Messiah.  Don’t you think God can handle what is going on in the world and our lives today? We just have to ask Him and then we have to allow Him to take over!

Give the “Push Me, Pull You” back to Dr. Doolittle and give your life to God!

God Bless You!

God Bless America!