Holiday Safety for Kids and Animals

Wow! We are into Halloween week already and then the holiday push will begin.

Are you ready?

Can you feel the stress start crawling up the back of your neck?

One way to reduce holiday stress, is to make sure your home environment is safe for family and pets. Having to make a call to Poison Control, visit the Emergency Room, or even an Emergency Vet;  can turn your holidays into a nightmare.  The way to prevent disaster is to be informed and prepared.

“Intelligent people are always ready to learn. Their ears are open for knowledge.” Proverbs  18:15 New Living Translation.

Did you know that certain plants and trees which decorate our homes this time of year are toxic, even deadly, to humans and animals.  And their pretty bright colors with sweet smells, are so enticing to children and pets.

Did you know that these same trees and plants have been treated with fertilizers and pesticides? Fertilizer and pesticides are extremely toxic! It is as simple as putting water in the base of the tree or plant to help release these chemicals.

And, I have heard so many people say that their family experiences more allergy and sinus issues around the holidays every year.  That is logical because, we turn our homes into greenhouses when we bring the trees and plants indoors.  Then the saps and chemicals begin to release into our household air systems, thus aggravating our own airways.

Now your whole family has a cold/sinus issues and they become miserable. So, you become miserable. Is it really worth all of the trouble for four weeks?

Myself, I love live trees…outside.  Over the years we have learned an artificial tree works just as well.  You do have to keep them dusted and clean, and make sure they meet the regulatory standards.  Because warmed toxic plastic is just as bad. Also, I think churches should consider their decorating habits during the holidays.  Some of us cannot attend church services during the holidays because of the plants and trees in the sanctuary.  I, myself, am allergic to the poinsettia and find myself gasping for air if in a room of them.

Make the holidays about the memories and not the stuff you adorn your home.  Simplify, enjoy each other, and celebrate Jesus’ birthday!

To find out about the plants, trees, and other holiday items which may risk your children or pets health go to… CPCS: Winter Holiday Safety and Poison Prevention Tips Page at

God Bless You!

God Bless America!



Take Shelter

The east coast of America is bracing for Hurricane Matthew and while most are evacuating the area, there are those who will stay.  If you have children and stay, to me, you are a criminal. You are purposely putting your children in harms way!

Now, I know some people will have to go to local shelters and that is fine. But those who are staying to ride out the storm thinking they are big, bad, and brave are stupid!  You can not fight rising, rushing water.  Water so strong that a Mack truck can be swept away by it, like a feather blowing in a breeze.  Trees breaking in half and falling on power lines, and your home create perilous circumstances.

All of these situations are very scary to children. And you, as their protector, must make good decisions concerning their welfare.  You, must be the calming force in a frightening situation.

King David when he had enemies chasing him, not even a hurricane, stated in Psalm 55:8…

“I would hurry to my place of shelter, far from the tempest and storm.”

Before that verse, David express he would do this if he were a dove.  He would fly to safety. David was not a fool in troubled times.

Please heed my words, as someone who has been through these weather hazards, go to a shelter or evacuate.  Prepare your children for what is to come and reassure them that they will be ok.  Take supplies, favorite blankets, stuffed animals, or dolls; anything that will represent comfort to them.

And please don’t forget your pets.  They are family too and deserve to go wherever you go.  You can find pet friendly shelters and hotels.

Being big, bad, and brave means nothing when you or your family is being lowered into a grave!

So, be a real hero and take care of your children and pets.

God Bless You!

God Bless America!


Gooey Good Stuff

This time of year brings to mind boiled peanuts, hot chocolate, apple cider, and s’mores!  Campfires or fire pits, and family gathered around start dancing through my mind.  Yes, it is another fall season and another reason for more family time.

I have found it beneficial to buy these small wire basket-like utensils, with long handles on them.  I know they have a name, but I am never technical about fun stuff.  It has to be the ones which will not transfer the heat to the handles.  Take a note here and learn from my own “hot” experiments.

The baskets keep things like marshmallows, graham crackers, and other food items from ending up in the fire and not in your belly.  There are also enclosed baskets for popping corn too! You can find containers to sit by the fire to keep your warm beverages warm.  And remember that heat should not transfer to the handle.

Where do you find these wire basket-like utensils, you ask.  Any store that sells camping supplies.  Or you can improvise and make your own.  Necessity is the mother of inventors.

Now, you have your special fire cooking utensils and you must decide on the food.  But how do you make it a little more healthy and not so sugary?  Think about food this way, before stoves and ovens, the open fire was the only way to cook.  Anything you can cook inside, you can cook outside.

What about taking the s’mores and adding dark chocolate for milk chocolate, and bananas or strawberries instead of marshmallows?  Ummm, yummy.  Hotdogs can be turkey or vegan and vegetables become soft and tasty when roasted on an open fire.  The limit is your imagination.

But the most important factor is your family. Time sitting around talking, laughing, and enjoying each other. If the kids are younger, you can tell bible stories like David and Goliath.  If the kids are older, talk to them about school and what is happening in their worlds.  Let your children know their importance to you.

And slowing down does not hurt your blood pressure either.

If you need a bible verse suggestion, I think Hebrews 12:28-29 is great for campfires.

“Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our  “God is a consuming fire.”

So much to discuss in one statement.  God’s kingdom cannot be defeated, changed, or shaken.  We should worship God and talk with God in the right ways.  And God is a consuming fire because He wants your love for Him to burn deep inside your heart!

Just watching a fire burn and the heat it releases is how we should feel for God.  Which should be expressed in our actions and our words.  Of course, you will have to decide the level of discussion, depending on your children’s age.

Don’t forget fire safety! Whether it is a campfire or a fire pit, all necessary precautions and permits should be taken care of first.  Then you can enjoy a safe, fun night with your family.

Now, I have to ask you…What are you doing this weekend?


God Bless You!

God Bless America!


Make A Joyful Noise…

While I was in my prayer closet this morning listening to the praise music, the bible verse  Psalm 98:4 came to mind.

“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.”

You and I are both old enough to know there are certain songs that when we hear them our fingers start snapping, toes start tapping, and our hips begin to sway to the beat.  Usually by the time our mouth catches up with our body, there is a big smile and song bursts from it. Did you ever think that the songs your children are hearing today are being stored in their memory banks?

So if the music being played in your home or in your car with your kids listening, has vulgar language, violence, and disrespect in the lyrics; where do you think your kids are learning these actions to emulate?

My grandfather once told my father, after my brother hurled a curse word at him, “He had to hear it to know it.”

Your actions and words are what your kids mimic! Yes they will pick up some things from school.  Very little, if it is not spoken or done at home.

You are their front line of defense in how they will face the world one day.  Be mindful and build them up with positivity! Play praise music.

I love Listener Kids for the little ones. I am a fan!

And you can go to YouTube to find more praise music for all ages, even for moms and dads.

I will end with the video from Listener Kids called, “This Little Light of Mine.”

God Bless You!

God Bless America!


Leaf Crafts

The leaves are falling! The leaves are falling! And they can’t pick themselves up!

So I found a solution…leaf art.

Below I will list my favorite sites who have craft projects to do with your children concerning leaf art.  I love the leaf light! And, remember that instead of real candles, there are plenty of battery operated candles in all sizes.

So, what are your family plans for the weekend?

15 Fabulous Fall Leaf Crafts for Kids

Accolades to Schools Who Are Putting Fun Back In Learning!

There is a high school in Texas called Naaman Forest High School, who should be commended not only for putting the fun back into learning, but for their beliefs!

As a fundraiser, they allowed the seniors to pick out and purchase their parking spaces.  The week before school started, the seniors were allowed to decorate their parking spaces and the results are amazing! Huffington Post did an article about the fundraiser and provided pictures.  ( I will post a link at the end of the blog and a link to the school’s website.)

It seems as if education has gotten it all wrong in recent years with their longer hours, no recess breaks, and prison like attitudes.  But then you come across schools who are getting it so right.  They view their students as unique individuals, each learning differently, and have built mutual respect among the students and faculty. It gives you hope.

I have heard all of the arguments about having to have strict rules and measures implemented into troublesome schools.  But what if each child was started out in schools with the focus being on the kids and not on how much paperwork we can give the teachers to do.  Homework should be for those who did not finish the school work during the day. And then an after school study hall to help said students.

The difference in the best public schools and the worst is M-O-N-E-Y!  And until we, voters, start demanding more funding to our educational system and less to their special ventures, things will never change.  The bureaucracy must be taken out of our educational system!

But for now, I want to focus on the positive and the schools who are excelling, despite our government!

Check out the Huffington Post article…

Check out Naaman Forest High School…

And I want to say “thank-you” for restoring my hope for the future of our children’s education!


God Bless You!

God Bless America!